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Galapagos Weather

Although located on the Equator, the Humboldt Current brings cold water to the islands, causing frequent drizzles during most of the year. The weather is periodically influenced by the El Niño phenomenon, which brings warmer temperatures and heavy rains.
During the season known as the garua (June to November), the temperature by the sea is 22 °C (72 °F), a steady and cold wind blows from south and southeast, frequent drizzles (garuas) last most of the day, and dense fog conceals the islands. During the warm season (December to May), the average sea and air temperature rises to 25 °C (77 °F), there is no wind at all, there are sporadic, though strong, rains and the sun shines.

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Temperature: 65º F
Water: 80º F

The Galapagos Islands are definitely among the most captivating destinations in the world. Although January is traditionally known as a very cold month, the January temperatures of the Galapagos Islands remain very pleasant and warm. During the month of January, the average air temperature rarely drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperature usually hovers around 80 degrees, so water enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their experience with the utmost comfort. Galapagos Private charters also give snorkelers and nature lovers the rare opportunity to see the beginnings of the mating season.

Due to the popularity of this vacation spot, it is always advisable to book Galapagos charters at least six months in advance. Although public charters are available, many travelers will enjoy the solitude of Galapagos Private charters. Galapagos charters are known for their unmatched safety and convenience, which means that every visitor will be able to relax without any unnecessary stress. If you are unable to book a trip during the peak season, the other months of the year are still just as rewarding.


Temperature: 75º F
Water: 77º F

If you’re considering one of the exciting Galapagos cruises available all year round, the month of February offers up unique opportunities. Most travelers have finished their holidays and returned home by this time of year, so even the busiest Galapagos tours take on a more relaxed pace. The skies are clear, the average temperature is 75F, and even the water is invitingly warm at an average 77F.

Many Galapagos tours include scuba diving and snorkeling excursions, and the island waters are clearest during this early part of the year. You can explore ancient reefs and volcanic structures while swimming with exotic marine life, and even dolphins join the warm-water fun. The sun is very bright all day, so protect yourself with sunscreen while you watch the famous tortoises and sea turtles as they begin their annual nesting. Galapagos cruises are always an adventure, but February is a special time to explore this pristine location and its fascinating wildlife.


Temperature: 75 - 85º F
Water: 77º F

There’s never a wrong time to visit the Galapagos Islands. It’s so close to the equator, meaning its temperatures are stable and mild all year round. March proves no exception with its relaxing weather. Temperatures range from 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 88 degrees, and average rainfall is two inches. Water temperatures are about 77 degrees and provide great opportunities for underwater expeditions provided by Galapagos luxury charters and Galapagos luxury yachts. One caution, however: the sun burns very brightly in March, so wear sunblock that is at least SPF 30. Visitors can see all kinds of animals nesting, including turtles, boobies, iguanas, magnificent and great frigate birds, penguins and flamingos. March is an excellent month for tours on Galapagos luxury charters and Galapagos luxury yachts to see these animals.


Temperature: 88º F
Water: 77º F

With the diverse beauty and warm tropical climate of the Galapagos Islands, there is truly no wrong time to visit. Located on the equator, this means there's little variation in weather from month to month. It's a wonderful destination to hit any month of the year but if you're planning an April trip, you're in luck. Take one of many yacht charters in the Galapagos to enjoy this most beautiful destination. You'll find many yacht charters in the Galapagos to choose from. Spring in the Galapagos Islands typically brings high temps of about 88 degrees Fahrenheit, with nearly eight hours of clear sky per day. Average rainfall hits about one and a half inches in the highlands, representing the peak of the rainy season, with average water temps settling at a warm 77 degrees F -- the highest it will get all year. Like the rest of the year, April is a great time to see wildlife, such as the breeding and nesting practices of the red-footed and masked boobies, so hop on charters in the Galapagos to view this wildlife wonder. You'll also get to see the nesting of green sea turtles and the mating of waved albatross. Bring your SPF 30 or higher sunscreen, as the sun is intense during April and you can burn quite easily. There are many charters in the Galapagos that you can take to visit this sunny locale.


Temperature: 72 - 82º F

If you are curious about Galapagos cruises and when is the best time to take them, you should know that different months have different advantages to offer in terms of climate and animals that may be seen on Galapagos tours. In the month of May, the temperature generally ranges between 72 and 82 degrees F, so it's a very comfortable time to visit. In fact, aside from June, May offers the most pleasant weather for Galapagos cruises. Of course, since most people are interested in seeing wildlife when they embark upon Galapagos tours, the habits of animals are of prime interest. Marine and land iguanas are in the process of nesting during this time, as are albatrosses, penguins and cormorants. Great frigate birds and flightless cormorants can be seen mating, and tortoises lay their eggs. It is an excellent time to see a whirlwind of activity among the indigenous wildlife.


Temperature: 70º F

Any time of the year is a great time for Galapagos charters. However, the best and most popular time for Galapagos Private charters is June. June brings cooler but quite comfortable weather in the area. The water is colder than in previous months, but the payoff is getting to see an abundance of varied marine life. Unlike in some other months, June sees very little rain. However, it can be a bit windy. However, the temperatures tend to hover in the low 70s. This makes June a wonderful time for Galapagos charters. Galapagos Private charters in June will also allow you to enjoy a lot of penguin sightings, since these birds enjoy the cooler weather of the month. That makes June a great time for Galapagos charters.


Temperature: 75º F
Water: 72º F

If your interested in visiting the Galapagos Islands, there is no better time than in July. You can use Galapagos yacht charters to tour the islands and soak up the sun. Galapagos yacht charters allows visitors to snorkel in the warm pacific water and observe the huge variety of marine life that the powerful Humboldt current brings to the islands. Additionally, from you place aboard one of the luxurious Galapagos yachts you can watch as blue-footed boobies nest and as red-footed boobies and other rare birds raise their young. In July the water is a warm 72 degrees and the average weather temperature is 75 degrees, which allows travelers to bask out in the sun on the deck of the Galapagos yachts and experience a wide variety of exotic animal life usually seen only on the Discovery Channel. Overall, July seems to be one of the best times for visiting the Galapagos.


Temperature: 66 - 79º F
Water: 71º F

The Galapagos Islands maintain a steady temperature year round. There are two seasons. The warmest season is from January to May. The other season, from June to December, is a bit cooler but still perfect for a Galapagos cruise. In August, there is only on average a rainfall total of 0.25 inches. Temperatures range from 66 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is neither too hot nor too cold. Additionally, the water sits at about 71 degrees. It is for these reasons that August is the premier time for a Galapagos private cruise. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities during this time because the Humboldt Current increases during this month. August also sees beautiful species like penguins and flamingos nesting. You can witness tortoises take care of their eggs on the beach. Indeed, August is perfect for a Galapagos private cruise because everything is coming into life at this time. Taking a Galapagos cruise during any time is a great choice, but August provides added benefit of seeing even closer just how magical and plentiful life on these pristine islands are.


Temperature: 79 - 66º F
Water: 72º F

The Galapagos Islands have a long and storied past and were made famous by the voyages of Charles Darwin, who used his experiences there to formulate his theory on evolution. Today, many people enjoy taking a private Galapagos cruise to see the incredible array of birds, sea life and plants native to this region. When planning a private Galapagos charter, it helps to know about the prevailing weather conditions. People planning a private Galapagos cruise in September should be ready for average high temperatures of 79F (26C) and average nighttime lows of 66F (19C). The average water temperature during September is 72F (22C). There is a risk of tropical storms in the area, although the average rainfall is just 0.5 inches (1.3cm) in the highlands of the Galapagos. During a September private Galapagos charter, weather conditions are ripe for nesting and breeding of sea lions, albatross, penguins and other birds.


Temperature: 88º F
Water: 77º F


Temperature: 72 - 82º F


Temperature: 70º F