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As our main focus is providing the most exclusive service to our clientele, we are committed to meeting any special request that a client may have during their charter. Working under the Galapagos National Park, and the yachting industry's regulations, we have the ability to provide yacht brokers, agents and direct clients with all the information and details they require.
The Galapagos is a unique destination due to its specific National Park status and the accompanying government regulations. As a result, the tourism environment is complex to navigate and it takes an experienced company like G.L.C. to understand the rules, regulations and industry requirements. Our deep and comprehensive understanding of the Galapagos tourism industry enables us to offer high-level quality service.

Our Staff

Booking Photographer - Deluxe

Like no other at the Galapagos Islands our staff understands the kind of demanding clientele chartering a yacht. Galapagos has a big gap in terms of good quality service specially when it comes to very demanding and exclusive clientele, most Captains and crew members currently working on the local fleet are not bilingual and the sevice aboard is pretty much basic therefore G.L.C. has gather a group of bilingual professionals on different fields that will become part of the yacht´s crew during the charter and will upgrade the level of service to accomplish the main goal; the client's complete satisfaction.
Our Staff is normally conform by a Crew Manager, Chef, Host / Hostess, Charter Photographer, Naturalist Guide, Translator (if needed), Dive master instructor (if needed) and any other request the client may have.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage - Deluxe

G.L.C. dedicates a substantial amount of time and effort to provide the best quality catering service to our clients, our head chef develops personalized menus according to the client's food preferences. All products are shipped from mainland Ecuador to Galapagos.
Food is one of the most important factors for a successful charter; this is why we work with the most exclusive local providers. Our goal is to exceed the client's expectations.
Beverages are just as important, we only cater the most exclusive South American wines and spirits, any liquor the client may request with anticipation can be provided.

Personalized Service

Galapagos Luxury Charters is all about details from logistics to service. We cover every detail to achieve successful charters and satisfied clients; G.L.C. was conceived by a couple of entrepreneurs who understood the need of the yachting industry at this unique destiny for reliable information and a complete service. Our sales department manage by Stephanie Saman will cover every detail of the charter, meeting any request the client may have; the logistics department managed by Aryel Dvorquez will make sure all arrangements, high quality service and clients demands are accomplished and meet during the charter.

Personalized Service - Deluxe


This program suites perfectly to the most adventurous and enthusiastic guest who wants to enjoy different activities other than the ones in a normal Galapagos Itinerary or simply add on extra experiences to the Yacht’s itinerary. Expeditions will lead you to the most isolated corners of the Galapagos Archipelago in a satellite exploration vessel that will be available during the Yacht’s itinerary. Our guest will be able to anchore in areas where they will enjoy the calm isolation or perhaps have a romantic gateway from the rest of the charter party.

Onboard the Yacht guest will be pamper by our Staff and will experience the private chef’s local and international cuisine. Our private photographer will slideshow all the pictures of their activities every day, and our experienced selected guide will recommend the best trails in the itinerary given by the Galapagos National Park. This program suite to clients who are looking for adventure in the highest standards.


Rendezvous Diving - Deluxe

Diving is always an option to consider during a visit to the Galapagos, a great deal of activity is underwater where divers can spot an incredible amount of marine life in a single dive. The randezvous diving service is provided by our exclusive local partners who will take our guest to the nearest diving sites that are within the Yacht’s itinerary. On this option we can also provide guest with lessons and paddy certifications done by very experienced dive masters.
The photographer who is also an avid diver and dive master as well will be with the group to capture the entire experience and the amazing marine life.


Catch and Release Fishing - Deluxe

Our exclusive randezvous catch and release fishing will be done onboard an exploration vessel that will companion the Yacht during the itinerary, equipped with all the goodies for a fun fishing morning or afternoon. Our Chef will be able to delight the guest with the days catch if desire or simply have a fresh sashimi or grilled fresh fish onboard the exploration vessel, the photographer will be there to capture the action from very imaginative angles that will make those images priceless memories for our exclusive guest.


Photography - Deluxe

This is for Photo enthusiasts looking to improve their photography skills.

Our photographer will dictate a workshop during the charter where theory and hands on field practice will be imparted. His methods will be teached by capturing amazing nature images in one of the most astonashing scenarios during their land or under water excursions.


Massage Terapist - Deluxe

This is a great Choice to enjoy a relaxed get away in the Galapagos environment.

We offer an exclusive massage session which we would have a certified skilled and experienced therapist to assist you.
This service will be done in Puerto Ayora and Puerto Baqueriso.


Apnea Classes - Deluxe

Onboard the exploration vessel our guest will have the option to experience the amazing excitement of freediving or apnea, everything will be supervised by experts on this field who will provide our guest with the equipment and tips to enjoy this incredible underwater adventure. The private photographer will be always ready to capture the guest experiences


Photography - Deluxe

Taking advantage of the exploration vessel, guest can visit nearby secluded anchoring sites other than the ones on the Yacht’s itinerary with astonishing views, deep sea snorkeling with dolphins and whales, romantic and private gateways from the rest of the charter party to enjoy a bottle of champagne in an isolated bay with a beautiful sunset.