Floreana (Charles or Santa María) Island. It was named after Juan José Flores, the first President of Ecuador, during whose administration the government of Ecuador took possession of the archipelago. It has an area of 173 square kilometers (67 sq mi) and a maximum elevation of 640 meters (2,100 ft). It is one of the islands with the most interesting human history, and one of the earliest to be inhabited.

Baroness Viewing Point

Is located on the north Shore of Floreana Island in La Olla Bay. It is a basaltic tuff formation between Cormorant Point and Post Office Bay. During the panga (dingy) ride you can observe several marine species such as golden eagle rays, sea turtles, sea lions, mullets and eventually Galapagos penguins. This site is especially attractive because aside from its impressive scenic beauty, it has a history. It is known by letters that Baroness Eloisa von Wagner (referring to "The Galapagos Affair" by John Treherne) loved this place, where she spent several hours where she could acquire knowledge of vessels approaching the island.

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Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay is a historic site that recalls the days of the whalers, when they came for supplies of Galapagos tortoises and water. Presumably a whaling boat captain placed a barrel in the eighteenth century for those who pass through the bay to leave mail and deliver those with the same destination. Another point of interest is a lava tunnel; the path to the cave is clearly marked.

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Devil's Crown

Devils Crown is located off the coast of Floreana Island, the formation is a hollow crater where the visitor will snorkel surrounding the crater and ending in the inner part of the crater. This site is known for the large variety of marine life that can be seen during the snorkel activity.

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Cormorant Point

Cormorant Point is located on the north Coast of Floreana Island. The trail has an approximate distance of 720 meters; the trail leads the visitor to viewing site above a lagoon where one can observe a large colony of Flamingos, the same path will end in a white sand beach which is a nesting area for sea turtles, large amount of rays and sea turtles can be seen on the shore as well.

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