Santiago (San Salvador, James) Island. Its name is equivalent to Saint James in English; it is also known as San Salvador, after the first island discovered by Columbus in the Caribbean Sea. This island has an area of 585 square kilometers (226 sq mi) and a maximum altitude of 907 meters (2976 ft). At Sulivan Bay marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, land and sea turtles, flamingos, dolphins and sharks can be seen.

Egas Port

Is a black sand beach located on the west side of James Bay and northwest of Santiago Island. there is a colony of fur seals and marine iguanas, snorkeling from the beach is a common activity at this site.

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Espumilla Beach

Located at the north end of Puerto Egas. The large coffee-colored sand beach is just north of the prized fresh water supply that once attracted pirates and whalers to this site. The trail heads into a sparely forested area then takes the visitor back to the beach. Along the way those with a watchful eye may spot a variety of Galapagos Finches or a Vermilion Fly Catcher. Beyond the mangroves is a brackish lagoon where Pink Flamingos and White Cheeked Pintails can be seen. Once back at the beach visitors may have the chance to swim or snorkel time permitting.

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Buccanner Cove

Is located less than an hour north of Puerto Egas, served as a safe haven for pirates, sailors and whalers during the 18th and 19th century. Anchoring in the protected bay they were able to make much needed repairs to their ships while other men went a shore to stock up on salt, tortoises, fresh water and firewood. Visitors have the opportunity to view the steep cliffs made of tuff formations and the dark reddish-purple sand beach. This dramatic landscape becomes more impressive by the presence of hundreds of seabirds perched atop the cliffs.

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Chinese hat

Is a small islet located near the south-east coast of Santiago. It’s shaped like a hat. This visit provides an excellent opportunity for the interpretation of geological features such as lava tubes and lava flows.

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Sullivan Bay

The Sullivan Bay lava field is a variety of interesting patterns, this site is of great geological interest. The walk takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half. Returning to the shoreline black and white Oystercatchers can be seen fishing for crabs and mollusks in the tide pools. After exploring the lava flow, there is swimming and snorkeling activity with playful sea lions off two small coralline beaches.

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