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How to Get There

Galapagos has two airports the biggest one is in Baltra Island, and the other is in San Cristobal Island both receive daily flights from mainland Ecuador, there is tree local airlines serving these route Aerogal, Tame, Lan Ecuador. From mainland the traveler can departure from Quito and Guayaquil. Private flights can arrive to both airports Baltra and San Cristobal; customs must be done at mainland Ecuador. If the aircraft will remain in Galapagos during its owner visit it must remain at the San Cristobal airport G.L.C. can coordinate and arrange all the logistics concerning this issue.
Arriving in your own yacht or sailboat is permitted either just for transit or to cruise the Islands for these last option the visitor must have a permit granted from the Ecuadorian authorities and the Galapagos National Park authorities G.L.C. Can arrange all permits needed on these matter for further information go to Yacht Services.

Visiting Galapagos - Baltra Island

Visiting Galapagos - Baltra Island Visiting Galapagos - Airport