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Galapagos National Park Rules

Rule 1 - Park Rules

In order to visit the Galapagos National Park park protected areas the visitor must be accompanied by a certified Galapagos national park naturalistic guide at all times.

Rule 2 - Park Rules

Never feed the animals.

Rule 3 - Park Rules

Galapagos is a fragile environment the things the visitor is allow to take from the islands is photographs, video and wonderful memories. Professional shooting needs authorization fron the Galapagos National Park.

Rule 4 - Park Rules

Do not spoil the landscape by writing or etching rocks and trees.

Rule 5 - Park Rules

All protected areas have mark trails the visitor must respect all signs and stay on the trail limits at all times.

Rule 6 - Park Rules

Any type of graffiti while in the islands is strictly forbidden.

Rule 7 - Park Rules

Visitors can only be as close as two meters from the Galapagos wildlife in order to avoid the animal getting stress.

Rule 8 - Park Rules

Any type of littering while in the islands is strictly forbidden.

Rule 9 - Park Rules

Camping is only permitted in designated places by the Galapagos National Park and with a permit issue by the park service.

Rule 10 - Park Rules

Camp fires and smoking is completely forbidden in the national park areas.

Rule 11 - Park Rules

Conservation is the main goal for the park authorities, cooperation from the visitors is always encourage.

Rule 12 - Park Rules

Water skiing, jet skiing, submarines, aerial tourism is forbidden.

Rule 13 - Park Rules

Under any circumstance do not introduce foreign organisms to the islands.

Rule 14 - Park Rules

Diving can only take place in the designated sites and with local authorized companies or diving cruises.