The Galapagos Island is a popular destination worldwide. Located at 100 KM off Ecuador’s coast in the Pacific Ocean, the island is best known for its wildlife.

There are various exotic animals in Galapagos. One of them is the Fur Seal, which should be on the top of your to-do list when you visit Galapagos. With that said, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this rare species of seals.


Everything You Need to Know About Fur Seals in Galapagos Island


Although these seals are rare for other parts of the world, you can find them at several places in Galapagos. One of the most prominent destinations is the Islands of Archipelago. You can find these fur seals at Darwin Bay on Genovesa and James Bay on Santiago.


You can plan to visit Galapagos at any time because fur seals can be seen all year. You can find them in all seasons. However, the best time is in October and November. During this time of year, you can see the pups as well.


If you want to see these Fur seals, it is important to note some characteristics as many people confuse them with Galapagos sea lions.

They belong to the family of eared seals, known as “Otariids.” Fur seals are the smallest in the family and even smaller than sea lions. They have a grayish-brown fur coat and short head. The adult male seals weigh about 64 kg and have 1.5 m of average length. On the other hand, females weigh only about 28 kg and have 1.2 m of average length.


This species of Fur seal is classed endangered by IUCN. Their population was severely reduced in the early 1980s due to an El Nino. There have been many attempts and efforts for the conservation of the species, which resulted in success. As of now, the estimated population of these exotic animals in Galapagos is around 15,000.



If you are planning to visit Galapagos, consider fur seals as a MUST to see.

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