Taking advantage of the exploration vessel, guest can visit nearby secluded anchoring sites other than the ones on the Yacht’s itinerary with astonishing views, deep sea snorkeling with dolphins and whales, romantic and private gateways from the rest of the charter party to enjoy a bottle of champagne in an isolated bay with a beautiful sunset.

The exploration vessel could be an add-on to the entire charter experience if the client requires. This service has to be reserved with anticipation to custom made a paralel itinerary with the yacht’s visits.



  • Fishing gear
  • Snacks and lunch
  • Sodas, beers and hot drinks
  • Snorkeling gear and towels
  • Naturalist & Marine Reserve Guide

    Not Included:

    • Wetsuits
    • Gratuities


    Daphne Mayor

    (Daphne Mayor Islet)

    Located off the northern shores of Santa Cruz island, offers an incredible display of seabirds nesting on its cliffs among the species that can be seen are Nazca Boobies, Noddies, Swallow Tailed Gulls, Lava Gulls, Medium Ground Finches and Frigate Birds. The diverse marine life offers a unique snorkeling experience on open waters, guest will have close encounters with marine animals such as mantas, sea lions, various shark species and large schools of tropical reef fish.

    Bahia Borrero

    (Santa Cruz Island south west shore)

    Bahia Borrero, a beautiful and isolated white sand beach, known for the high numbers of breeding sea turtles in shallow waters, guest will be able to enjoy snorkeling activity, a walk along the shore, swimming and sun bathing on this incredible set up with no other visitors around.

    Santa Fe Bay

    (Santa Fe Island bay)

    This bay is one of the best spots to snorkel with sea lions and get close enough to their playful and friendly cub’s, often they play and do tricks among the swimmers offering a unique wildlife close encounter experience.

    Playa escondida

    (Santa Cruz Island North East shore)

    An incredible shallow water experience, the mangroves along the shore are the perfect secret spot for baby sharks, puffer fish, sea turtles, marine iguanas cruising by and sea lions. The white sand beach by the shore is home and nesting area for the Galapagos Marine Iguanas who are carelessly laying on the hot sand.

    La Fe

    (Santa Cruz Island South East Shore)

    This ecosystem has a beautiful contrast with lava rocks, red mangroves and shallow waters, further inland just by the shore a forest of candelabra Cactus makes its way towards higher grounds.

    Encounters with marine iguanas laying on the lava rocks, sea lions, sea turtles, blue footed boobies and sally light foot crabs are common at this amazing site.

    Penguin Bay

    (Pinzon Island bay)

    Pinzon Island is home to this shallow water protected cove at the eastern side of the island. Common encounters with considerable congregations of green sea turtles, large tropical and sub-tropical reef fish, reef sharks and rays are the highlight at this site, the shallow and calm waters allows swimmers and snorkelers of all ages and levels to enjoy the experience.


    (San Cristobal Island North East Shore)

    A beautiful white sand beach, perfect place to relax and dip into the refreshing waters steps away, Manglecito beach also has a walking path along the shore, surfing site and snorkeling site as well. 

    Rosa Blanca

    (San Cristobal Island North West Shore)

    This is a remarkable snorkeling site, once the seafari Boat gets inside the Bahia’s Rosa Blanca crystal waters, seafarers will be amazed with a display of the activity and color full contrast. Sea turtles, sea lions, white tip sharks can be spotted all at once in a beautiful ocean collage.    

    Los Tuneles

    (Isabela Island South East Shore)

    Los Tuneles is probably considered the most beautiful place to snorkel in Isabela Island, this incredible spot is bay protected area form by lava arcs and tunnels above and below the sea level, once the tide is descending or ascending is the best time to visit as water ponds form on the rocky formations all connected to each other. Beautiful encounters with a variety of marine life in an incredible unique setting.


    Calle Alsacio Northia s/n e Isabela

    San Cristobal - Ecuador


    Calle Alsacio Northia s/n e Isabela

    San Cristobal - Ecuador

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