Stargazing in the Galapagos is one of the most special experiences while cruising around. Imagine crossing the equator marveling the beauty of the stars. Our guide will narrow important information about our solar system while the vastness will surround our guests and remind them how small we are. Stargazing is the opportunity to drive into yourselves and appreciate the planet we live in.


Certified Galapagos Naturalist Guide with star knowledge

Long distance lasers and telescope

Private transportation to the highlands of santa cruz for the on land session

Duration per session: 1h30


For this selection guests will enjoy two sessions of stargazing

On board

Depending on the anchoring site, guest will learn and reinforce the fundaments on constelation observation.

On land

Guests will be taken to a unique and special place in the highlands of Santa Cruz. Here they will be able to observe the stars through telescope and reinforce previous information provided by the guide while the session on board.


Calle Alsacio Northia s/n e Isabela

San Cristobal - Ecuador


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