This session is done onboard the Yacht anchor at one of the harbors within the itinerary, our staff is extremely professional and trained, Yoga sessions in the Galapagos surrounded by stunning nature and views is always an option to keep in mind on your Yacht Charter.


Certified yoga instructor

Private mat

essencial oils

This activity will be given during a special visit while cruising around

Yoga classes will be imparted in hours that do not interfere with the hiking or water excursions, Suggested hours are before meals, 7AM or 5:30 PM.

Yoga Clases will be done at the most secluded and protected anchoring sites within the Itinerary

The duration of the classes will be one hour and will include asanas (physical yoga), pranayamas (breathing and energy flow techniques) and a short meditation. The asanas will be focused in combination of principles of Hatha Yoga (yoga of balance, Sun and Moon) and Vinyasa (flow). Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) can be part of the afternoon classes.

Please notice that the crew will do their best to have the yacht anchored in a calm place, but due to changing conditions of the ocean, and depending on the navigation, some days the classes might not be offered.


Calle Alsacio Northia s/n e Isabela

San Cristobal - Ecuador


Calle Alsacio Northia s/n e Isabela

San Cristobal - Ecuador


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