The world’s most experienced travelers have the Galapagos Islands on their list of places to visit. Aboard a luxury charter in Galapagos, every site in this archipelago is magical, as has been recognized since the first pirates and explorers visited the shores of these islands of volcanic origin.

A Galapagos charter can offer you services such as: private transfers in business class, free drinks wherever you are, gourmet dinners, expedition activities and lectures, and much more. You can also choose an all-inclusive expedition cruise.

With the Galapagos Luxury Charters all-inclusive offer, you can enjoy a private chef offering a world-class cuisine, a guide onboard, a high-qualified and dedicated staff always available for you and your group, luxury cabins and amenities, amazing views during the whole trip, having the whole yacht only for you and your group, and the list goes on.

Among the main vessels we have:

Galapagos Elite Catamaran

galapagos-islands-yacht-charterAn elegant and well-appointed double-hulled catamaran, part of the newest mega-catamarans cruising the Galapagos, this catamaran will please your senses with spectacular social areas and special attention to detail inside the boat, a vessel with panoramic views at every turn. The Elite will feature all-suite premium accommodations, wall-sized windows, private balconies and plenty of space to relax your legs after a day exploring the virgin Galapagos Islands. Dining areas and amenities include: buffet-style meals served for breakfast and lunch, a semi-covered terrace for dinner, and a private balcony for a private balcony. See more

Endemic Catamaran

galapagos-islands-yacht-charterCustom designed to navigate the waters of the “Enchanted Islands”, the Endemic is a luxury vessel in Galapagos as one of the most modern and luxurious vessels in the archipelago. is a luxury cruiser in Galapagos as one of the most modern and luxurious vessels in the archipelago. The Endemic is characterized for being very spacious, comfortable and stable. It has capacity for 16 passengers and a carefully selected crew to enhance the passenger’s experience during their stay. It can count on guides or experts who have many years of experience in Galapagos, which allows them to know the archipelago in depth and share with passengers every detail that makes these islands a unique destination. See more

Grand Majestic Monohulls

Grand Majestic is specifically designed for exclusive high-end private charters. The guide, captain and crew are dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Specifically built for cruising the islands, it is a luxury Galapagos cruiser ideal for private charters, the entire crew, captain and guide will be fully committed to providing unparalleled high-quality service. The cabin layout is available in 2 separate decks for comfort and privacy. Finally, the Grand Majestic showcases the Galapagos in sailings according to the number of nights the passenger wishes to spend. They can also opt for long-range itineraries with wildlife-rich highlights, covering all corners of the archipelago. See more

Sea Star

SY Sea Star is a 40-meter custom-built Galapagos luxury yacht with three masts and five Bermuda sails, with classic wood finishes in its 9 spacious guest cabins and common areas. Accommodations and service Sea Star and Sea Bird each have 9 spacious air-conditioned staterooms, all ranging in size from 9 to 11 square meters. Each stateroom has a private bathroom, reading lights, closet and electrical connections for charging computers and cameras or using other electronic devices such as hair dryers. Our crew cleans the cabins daily. The different areas on board, from the two-level deck towards the bow, to the covered back deck and the leisure area, ensure a wide space for passengers to relax. See more


Visiting the Galapagos Islands will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to enjoy the wildlife whether it is unique flora or fauna that the Enchanted Islands have to offer, this experience will be enhanced even more aboard a luxury Galapagos charter. Consider all your options. We are here to help you.

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